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Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists, Lahore


Prof. Shahida Khawaja

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the wonderful city of Lahore that justifiably is the called the cultural capital of Pakistan. This city has a rich tradition of holding scientific activities for anaesthesia fraternity on a regular basis; the meetings held in Lahore stand out for their scientific content as well as hospitality that is a hallmark of Punjab

Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists has delegated the responsibility of holding the National Conference to PSA Lahore; the event is scheduled to he held in March 2018; this would be the 20th Annual Conference being held under the umbrella of PSA Lahore. The Society has planned a comprehensive scientific programme with special emphasis on safety in practice. The programme is designed to address the issues of practice of anaesthesia outside the major cities and academic institutions. Like always there would be opportunity to socialise, relax and unwind after the demanding scientific sessions.

Welcome you to Lahore and assure you that Lahore will live up to its tradition of offering nothing but the best to the delegates of the Annual Conference Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists.